About the Creator

The creator, Wendy Dinneen, knows what it is like to be blissfully unaware, and embraces the opportunity to be in the state of mind as often as possible.

Having grown up out West and spending summers on the beaches of the East Coast, Wendy has always appreciated life outdoors in naturally beautiful and inspiring environments.

While her business was launched in graduate school, she really had been developing the collection all along as she traveled to beautiful places by the sea and in the mountains – meeting wonderful and inspiring people on her travels. Wendy wanted to capture that feeling in her line……..the one where you just cannot wait to get to your favorite place.

Having studied Philosophy and Women’s Studies at Boston College as an undergraduate, and spending time overseas in South America and Europe prior to graduate school, Wendy fed her hunger for travel and people from different cultures…..all the while, conjuring up images of her own business in her mind. Not wanting to give up starting her own business or a masters program in International Relations, Wendy began the launch of her designs and company in Washington, DC, while also pursuing her studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution as well as International Communication. Post grad school, she hit the road with her line, traveling up and down the California coast and beyond. This was the start of amazing, long lasting relationships with retailers at such places as The Golden Door, The Sanctuary at Kiawah, many Ritz Carltons, Two Bunch Palms, Cuisinart on Anguilla, Bellagio and many others - all in good company with the coolest, hippest and best spas and resorts in the States and beyond.

Blissfully Unaware began as a simple and chic line of women’s clothing for resort settings and has grown to include clothing and accessories for men and children, as well as venturing into special items for the spa and yoga world. Wendy remains excited to share more designs in the future…..with clothing, furniture and beyond. She travels to serene locations as often as she is able to with her husband and three children, who also love the outdoors and naturally beautiful and ‘blissful’ places.

She sincerely thanks you for your interest and enthusiasm for the collection and has loved all the people she has met along the way in countless amazing places. Such happiness and comfort made possible by the line, and the people who have found it, has made it what it is today and allowed for many people across the map to embrace the blissfully unaware state of mind.

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